Where do parents go for admission of their child in this covid?

Where do parents go for admission of their child in this covid?

Parents are facing a tough time as they are uncertain about their children's future. They are worried about how the children will be able to cope with studies online and how it will all be regulated. Initially, everything was done physically, and children were made to meet in classes and continue their education. However, now the situation is different, and the rules and regulations for education have changed. The entire scenario is just the opposite of what it was before, which is why the schools are still running.

The parents are always trying to find out what the rules are for the new admission system, which is why they are worried. The school authorities have also thought about this and come up with an online strategy to cater to the admission system. Initially, there was a lot of confusion about how the schools will proceed with the new kids. For the ones who were already enrolled, they were also worried. That is why the schools also decided to stick to the an online method for teaching and admission.

The students who are already a part of the school are also proceeding with their studies in the usual manner. However, everything is being conducted online, and the teachers are not only teaching online classes, but they are also taking exams online. The reports are being generated online. Throughout this, the parents can track down the progress and the drawbacks of their children. They are asked to pay for the school fees online. They are also provided with a receipt of confirmation to be sure that the prices have been paid.

The new way of admission at the schools by online school management software

With the commencement of the new session and the classes being started anew for the higher standards, the places for the latest admission are emptying up. The parents of the small kids are worried as they want to find out how they can let their children be admitted for good school education. They sometimes think that the schools have a unique School Management system which will help them in admission. However, they are not entirely correct as the admission process is directly done from the school's website, where the forms for the entrance are generated at the beginning when the parents make the preliminary decision.

The parents fill the forms with the required documents and other financial papers so that the school authorities can take the forms up. The schools then look into the child's information and notify the ward's parents about the interview day. Initially, this big day would be done physically, where they had to go to the school for the interview. But due to the pandemic situation, all this is being conducted online. Now, the schools are notifying the parents via email. This is where the interview is done, and the teachers test the child's basic skills.

Along with the child, both the parents' primary and thorough interview is taken via video call. The schools must utilise India's Best School Management Software to communicate with the parents in detail. This will also ensure that the teachers understand the household from where the child belongs. This enables the selection panel to pick the children they think are virtuous enough to get educated from their institution. After the interview round, the schools take some time and finally let the candidates know personally via mail about the selection. They sometimes also publish a list with the names of all the children who have been shortlisted.

How is the process likely to continue?

This admission process where the parents have to approach the school online and then the entire process follows online steps has been quite beneficial for the whole process. Some eminent schools have always expressed their approving nods for this process. The schools have decided to stick to this way of admission even after the pandemic is over. This will help the schools be in a specific decorum and avoid further chaos and ensure that the children are in a safe environment. The selection panel will pay extra heed to what the parents can say.

Some parents who would miss the interviews as they would have to go out of the city for work tours can now attend the online sessions and provide their input, The parents are now even happier, and they do not have tension about how their child would react. When the small children are taken to new places for an interview, they start acting strangely and refuse to speak up. Even though the child is capable, sometimes they are so nervous that they cannot give their performance. They can be within their house and sit for the interview providing all the answers with confidence in their discussion.

However, some other schools think there is no substitute for physical interactions, and there can be no substitute for these. The teachers and the selectors can understand the child's body language when they meet them in person, and hence, they can understand the prospect of the child a lot better. This is why they are keen to begin the physical interview session to start the previous kind of admission process. They have agreed to follow all the rules with proper covid protocols being followed by the school and the interviewees. Therefore, the parents can choose if they want to go for the schools that conduct online admission or with the ones that will start the physical sessions immediately after the situation gets better. While both conditions have their share of pros and cons, the final decision needs to be taken by the parents.

The lockdown, although it is being followed to make the condition of the country better, these educational issues are facing huge drawbacks. There must be a unified decision-making body to make a foolproof decision so that the parents are not left clueless and confused about their children's future. This will ensure that the education sector is progressing despite the pandemic.