Best Document Management software for School in India

What is a Document Management System?

As the name suggests, a document management system is a feature or application that helps to manage the documents of the schools. These can range from a student’s homework assignment, to waiting for a teacher to assign a remark, to confidential report cards to be stored for future generations.

ERP SchoolAura is a web and mobile application developed to handle day to day activities of School. It is a cloud based school ERP solution which will give the most updated mobile application form to helping the teachers, students and parents to access login anywhere and at any time.

Features of document management software for school

Easy to Access

In this time when the internet is provided anywhere,students, parents and staff must have access to their documents from anywhere. A web based document management system provides fast and easy access to files and folders which is important in this time of the internet. Anyone can access their document using document management software.

Document Search

Every user has many files and must be able to search them really fast by using only a few letters of what he is looking for. Document Management Software helps in the storing documents in an organised way so that they can be easily retrieved when needed. Document Search is a very good feature of Document Management Software that allows the users to search through the stored content.

File Locking

File locking is a very important feature of Document Management Software. It prevents users from making changes to a locked file until the user who had locked it, and unlocks it.

It is a great way of blocking the modification of files. If you lock a file, no one can move, edit, delete this file. Except for blocking file modifications, file locking may prevent two people from editing the same file at the same time, which can be cause data loss and other issues. The software locked the file when it detects that someone else is working on it and unlocks it once they are done with the edits.

Sharing Files

A Document Management System in school should give users the ability to share any folder or files with someone, or specific users. While each user can relate a document with tasks, opportunities, and any other entity.

Save and Download file

We can easily download the file from anywhere with the help of document management software. No one can access our data or files. And also, we can save it for as long as we need.

Benefits of the ERP software for document management at school

Safe document management process

All documents will be in safe mode under department. Suppose if the teacher sets exam papers for terminal examination, then after the paper set it will be sent to the school principal for verifying the papers. It means all the processes will be in safe mode, no one can access.

Access From Anywhere Required Document

The software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. A record of everything can be keep due to its easy accessibility. It also facilitates providing the information to all the staff. All they require is the ability of the online education ERP portal.

Share one to one or one to many

We can share the file from one person to another person or one person to many person, using this document management software. It makes it easy for the file sharing system.

Parental involvement

All the information related to each student in the class is store in the Student Information System. This information can be accessed by parents through the app. The parents will also be informed about all the activities happening in the school and in respect of the concerned student.

This may include announcements made through communication modules such as annual day, PTA meetings, last day for fee payment, as well as alerts about individual student progress such as report cards, exam results, homework due dates, etc.

Easy to upload document and folder creation

The biggest advantage of having the ERP software is that it's all the school information on one platform is that it helps in automation of operations.

Running a school is a difficult task and involves many layers of control and paperwork. Outsourcing all administrative processes to school management software can relieve staff to focus on student-centred learning, soft skills training, and many other life skills training sessions. Hence using school document management system software is a necessity.

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