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Online School Management

School Management

SchoolAura facilitates student's learning journey with appropriate curriculum planning, lesson planning, compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows. Academic management is the foremost crucial operation where the assessments and students' academic performance need to be managed well. Our student academic management software significantly reduces the workload and time spent by teachers on manual work. They can create question banks for various classes and upload files, documents. It becomes easy for the parents to check the grades and track the students' scores and performance on a regular basis. It also enables teachers to upload, share, track assignments and send reminders to students. Teachers can provide feedback instantly on the assessments and assignments.

Staff handling or Management

Staff Management

SchoolAura  ERP software is an innovative way to manage your institute hassle free which is a very powerful affordable system to manage everything on a single click. Staff management software helps in maintaining quick and precise data of staff attendance, subject wise information, and payroll details. It becomes easy to store all the available information to keep at one place, so that everyone who has the authority can access it.  It helps in continuous monitoring on the school staff, which is difficult to do manually when it comes to large scale schools. It also increases the efficiency of the working patterns and provides a more efficient working environment.

Online Admission

Role Management

Our SchoolAura ERP software management system helps the school administration to create and assign the roles and responsibilities to faculties and admin members.

Our system will provide transparency and define roles systematically. It also helps to define who will report to whom, and thus defining roles results improving and secure the school management activities.

School Promotions

School Promotion

Promoting and branding becomes the most important activity in the modern times when there are enormous numbers of school openings. The level of education and excellence a school is delivering should be noticed by the parents. Thus, it is important to promote the school in an efficient manner. With the SchoolAura software system your school will be promoted with the best possible manner reaching to the maximum crowd engaging the required people.

Online Admission

Online Admission

Online Admission make easy to admission process in your school and help automate the admission procedure. The process is an internet based which can be accessed from anytime anywhere basis. And Student and Parent can apply for admission from their location. And School administrator get the admission request on his portal. After that admin can confirm or reject the request.

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Student Management

Student Management

Student management system is referred to the key while managing all the operations and tasks. SchoolAura  provides an end-to-end online student information system in a streamlined, customized, simplified and engaging student experience all at once. In the class, it becomes difficult for the teachers to keep an eye and track the activities of each and every student. If all the information can be displayed at the single place then it will be easy to access and monitor the performance of an individual. Teachers can focus on the weak topics and difficulties faced by the students. It will be helpful in enhancing each individual’s performance. It will be easy to maintain and update the student’s record.

One can get the details section wise and thus access to one’s becomes easy.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Student’s every information on a single platform.
  • Parent's & Local guardian's information.
  • Direct access to exam & fee status.
  • Personal information-student.
  • General information-student.
  • Automatic data updating.
Online and Offline Exam

Exam Management

The exam and result management involves a lot of time consuming activities. Some parents do not even get time to visit the school on the parent teachers meeting. To overcome this problem if the report cards are shared online it will be easy and hassle free. Each student's performance and their report cards will be shared by the parents on a regular basis. Any kind of assessment details will be notified to the students and parents. To ease the system parents will be able to focus more on student’s academic performance. Analysis of individual performance becomes easy and it can be easily compared with the past results as all the data is available.

Online Fee Management

Fee Management

SchoolAura Fee management system enables schools to set-up the efficient fee management functions applicable across all the standards/classes within the school. The module offers flexibility to set-up fee heads and fee structures as applicable to different levels of class in the school. The system deals with Fee and its structure for various classes and gives them all the necessary details such as the calculated fees, due fees amount, extra fine charges etc.

Following are the benefits:-

  • Auto Fee Calculator: On the basis of the student classes the fee amount will be calculated for the respective students. Details of the same will be shared with the parents so that they will get the updates on a regular basis, also it will be helpful in avoiding the late fee charges.
  • Regular notifications will be sent regarding the due amount and the amount that has been paid successfully.
  • Tracking record of each fee payment:- The system will track each student's record. Whether the payment is due or the advancement payment is done.
  • For each of the payments one can get the fee receipts online.
Online Attendance

Attendance Management

SchoolAura attendance management is designed to track and manage attendance in any strenuous situation. The attendance track record helps the school authority to ensure a considerable fall in absentee number. Thus the teachers and staff members will no longer be required to do the tedious task of keeping an eye on the students’ attendance tracking. Maintaining an attendance register of students and staff requires a lot of effort and accuracy and there are usual chances of errors. Our Attendance management system provides features to keep a record of attendance inside the system eliminating manual, effort consuming tasks. To provide more ease it is included with the school academic calendar so that you need not fill attendance for school holidays and vacations. Attendance reports can be generated which in turn saves the teachers working hours which can be used for other productive work. Some of the benefits are:

  • Parents can view only their student’s attendance.
  • Teachers will be able to access entire class attendance.
  • Regular attendance & Annual Attendance marking.
  • Marking and Monitoring Individual, Subject and Class-wise attendance.
Class Schedule Online

Class Timetable management

Timetable management is referred to as the most tedious and effort consuming task for the teachers. Since, each class has a unique timetable along with specific subjects and subject-teachers. SchoolAura online software automates the process of creating timetables for students of each class easily and effortlessly. Moreover, the timetables for the teachers are automatically generated based on the student timetables which are editable by the teachers. Providing all the necessary operations like adding an item to the timetable, deleting a pre-defined class or allocating a new class to a new faculty just takes a few minutes, saving a lot of time for everyone. Parents will have an access to see the timetable on a regular basis. Parents having small children in school will be able to manage and prepare their school bags accordingly. The home assignment and submission dates will be available.

Online Admission

Sales Management

Our SchoolAura ERP software will help you to manage all your finances effortlessly just at a click! The school management can track the sales and purchase done by the management and thus manage your finances appropriately. Also, they can track the order status and expenses done by the management.

Subject Management

Subject Management

Subject Wise management is done to provide the students to ease and enhance their new experience of learning. Subject wise notes can be uploaded on the system so that the parents as well students understand the topics without any difficulty. While in case of doubts students can ask the doubts to the respective subject teacher. The abstract and summary of the chapters helps to understand the concepts clearly.

Leave and Holiday Maintain

Leave Application Management

SchoolAura provides you with the important activity while managing the school management system. Leaves taken by the students and teachers should be notified on the prior basis. Many of the schools have strict policies regarding the same in which the students and staff need to submit the leave application prior to taking leaves. Sometimes due to the casualties it becomes impossible for someone to physically submit the leave application. We provide the hassle free and simple task of submitting the leave application through online mode. The students and staff can submit anytime and thus the approval can be done easily.

Notice Board

Announcement Management

There comes the situation when important announcements need to be made from the school management side. In such a case, it becomes easy when everyone is connected through a single platform. The information and announcement details can be easily conveyed to each and every individual. Thus, with the SchoolAura software system you can reach out to the concerned people just on a click by notification via SMS, Email and Portal Notice!

Transport Management

Transport Management

SchoolAura software transport management system enables the admin office to efficiently manage the transportation owned by the schools. Information regarding the vehicle details, vehicle documentation, and transportation staff details are available. Also the mapping of transportation routes, vehicle and timing allocation to staff and students. This helps the parents to know the bus routes and the timings.

Fee History Maintain

Account Management

SchoolAura ERP solution gives you absolutely accurate and precise calculations and figures for all your accounting needs. Our aim with this is to provide you with the clear picture of the financial process of an organization and making it more understandable. Dealing with the complexities of accounting and financial reporting the business manager needs to operate the calculations and maintain data efficiently; our online software provides this ease of managing the sophisticated financial reporting.

Online Admission

Inventory Management

Our SchoolAura ERP management software tool helps to track your each and every school items. School inventory contains multiple items that need to be recorded properly. Uniforms, Books and Stationary items should be maintained in order to have the record handy every time. Due to presence of our system online the authorized person can access it from anywhere.

Online Admission

School Leaving Certificate

Now you create School Leaving Certificate for your Students when they will leaving the school.