The SchoolAura feature-rich module eliminates the hassle of printing notices. No relying on students' diary entries to communicate information to the entire class. It is possible to relay information to everyone by the Announcements Module. Make announcements about upcoming events and holidays, send critical alerts and push notifications on a daily basis. Send message to people who receive on a one-to-one basis - all from a centralised platform that is accessible to all participants

  1. This software includes features that allow people to interact in your own words. This is done bin the manner of your choosing.
  2. Create a personalized message and send it to people. The recipients can be added in your school's contact database.
  3. This module provides you with the flexibility to choose the time at which the official statement is telecast to all recipients.
  4. One-to-One Messaging allows you to communicate with your students and employees in real-time. This allows you to personalize the interaction between them.
  5. Group recipients together for your clubs and special classes. It can be done in any other way that you deem necessary for your organisation.