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MCQ Exam for Practice by SchoolAura

MCQ Exam for Practice

A multiple-choice question exam is more than just a skill judgement. It is a helping tool for everyone, whether you are trying to understand your circle of competition. The best thing about this tool is that if you want to practise before the examination and you want to achieve something in your life, then it is the best tool for MCQ exam practice. It is available at any time and anywhere and can be used at no cost to you. Simply select a free MCQ exam section on the ERP Schoolaura software and take it whenever you feel like doing so. Students can easily attempt these MCQ questions on our ERP SchoolAura software.

Class Work Management by SchoolAura

Class Work

Classwork involves the work and engagement of the students in learning and doing the work by the classroom . It includes the completing assignments, which have to be completed in the given time in the classroom. Our ERP Schoolaura software is the best ERP software where all assignments, question banks for various classes and other activities related to the classroom are uploaded. In our SchoolAura portal there are classwork lists uploaded according to class, section and subjects, students can easily see all the details about classwork. If students have any doubt he can ask any question or share anything in the comments section.

Home Work Management by SchoolAura

Home Work

Most of the Children's time is spend at home. Of the twenty-four hours, the students are in school only five or six. At home, children should devote their time to creative and useful pursuits and make good use of convenience time. It allows teachers of different classes, sections and subjects to assign homework to students in their class. Students will then receive a notification of the homework provided in their application. Schools often give students a big task to complete during their summer or winter holidays. Once students submit their homework to the teacher, teachers can assess and share the assessment report on each student’s application as a push notification. The notification can be viewed using the student login or parent login. This way, students will be able to know how well they have understood each topic and work on their weak points.

Attendance Report and Management by SchoolAura

Attendance Report

Our ERP Schoolaura provides the student attendance report and provides an attendance history for selected students, including the name of the student, date of attendance, timeslot and class/Appointment name, and attendance status. If the attendance report is absent a further note is included to designate whether or not the absence was justified. These reports can be run directly from the student page section by selecting the students to be included on the software, and then clicking the attendance reports icons that appears in the attendance section in the portal.

School Transport Track by Parents

School Transport

Our ERP Schoolaura software provides best school software transport management that enables transportation service providers to offer students on time, responsive, safe, and comfortable transportation where visibility into the transportation services is also provided. This feature allows the parents, teachers, and school administration to assess the transport services facility. You can easily see about the transport facility on our website like route list,vehicle list,stop points etc. A school transports system can also keeps track record of transportation vehicles, including their location, statuses, upcoming trips, or cancelled trips. The system can provides the live updates to waiting students, and can even guide transport vehicles facility if there is a potential re-route or temporary stopping of services because of an unexpected disturbance.

Upcoming Online Exam by ERP SchoolAura

Upcoming Online Exam

With our ERP Schoolaura software and online teaching software the teachers will have frame to quickly creates new exams as well as re-use old ones that are uploaded on the website. With the auto-marked functionality the marking is done automatically instead of going through each paper, which not only increases productivity but gets the feedback back to the students faster.

Online and Offline Exam

Exam Reports

We are known as India’s top 10 school management software examination portal schoolaura as we hold a record of being the first to provide examination results and exam-related updates in India. Our goal is to make the Exams results accessible to students throughout India. Students can easily see their exam results from our portal anywhere in india. We also focused on reporting the latest news and updates about examinations that are conducted by the school. Stay tuned to our ERP Schoolaura software for any information related to your exam.

Notice Board or Student Diary for Students

Notice Updates

Up-to-the-minute school information updates are easily accessible for parents and students. Quickly access to news, events, holiday, photo and video galleries as well as free push notifications means you will not miss a thing when it comes to important school information. We provide all updates to the students and their parents from time to time. Our ERP Schoolaura software is the secured and smart communication solution for all schools available as a web application and as a mobile app. All school information updates notice for mobile apps and web applications with one aim to make school life less complicated. Reduced organisational efforts and simple exchange between teachers, parents, and students. Our school notice app provides you the facility to quickly updates the notice on the school website.

Leave Apply Online

Leave Apply Online

An online leave management system is a website-based leave management system and application that programs every steps of the students and staff leave management process without compromising on functionality. School leave management application tools, gives students and staff the freedom to apply, leave requests from anywhere , any time, and from any device. In our portal students or staff members easily apply for leave, they can add subject on application on the portal. While there are many ready-to-use leave management apps available on the market, choosing a complete information on ERP Schoolaura is a free school management software that will give freedom to apply leave on the website.

Fees History and Payment

Fees History and Payment

Collecting and managing fees cashless with best experience has become one of the most important needs of digitization in educational organisations today. ERP Schoolaura had done deep research and designed of the one of the most advanced fee management systems with the digital payment gateway options to power cashless fees transactions. We are working with the first class payment gateway companies to provides need-based options for faster and effective experiences to schools and institutes. Starting from digital fee option settings to fee due reminders,you can see class wise payment option and also they can watch submission date in our portal alongs with smart payment links, we have designed with the end-to-end solution which not only saves a lot of time of admins and accounts department but also provides real-time data reports to the management. Parents get a comfort of their smartphones or web login. Having a wide range of payment options to pay through almost all the major banking options with Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, UPI and other latest payment options.