Allow the location-based car tracking shown in many video games to become a reality. It can be incorporated into your school's safety plan, bringing the exceptional concept to life. School transportation is a crucial part of any educational institution's operation. The safety of students is the number one priority of any educational institution. With the help of SchoolAura, you can put a protective shell around this aspect. make it stronger and more dependable.

· Provide parents with peace of mind. Use an ultra-modern, real-time mapping-based school transport management system to oversee the school transportation system. There will be no more constant phone calls from parents if a school bus is delayed. they will be informed of the departure time or any changes to the departure time in advance. It, through an SMS or app notice, allows the parents to track the vehicle's exact location in real time.

1. People would avoid interfering with the transport.

2. It is also possible to improve accountability among school bus drivers. It can be done by tracking their movements with the use of school transportation management software. It maintains track of bus speed and delays that exceed a predetermined limit.

3. These types of software allow you to better prepare for emergency scenarios by storing the names and contact information of school bus drivers, attendants, and other concerned staff in a consolidated database.

4. An easy-to-press action button is present in all buses. It is supported by SchoolAura's school transportation management software. It may be used to take quick action in emergency scenarios.

Relax, because school transportation is considered to be a critical role for all stakeholders in a school ERP system! Don't put your students' safety at risk. Put in place a high-security school transportation management system. Raise the level of trust between students and parents.


  1. Yes, parents can track the real-time movement of the school bus.
  2. Yes, parents would be informed through an SMS.
  3. Yes, the parents will be provided with the information of the responsible staff for their ward.
  4. Yes, the parents will be informed about the absence.
  5. Yes, students can reach out to the authorities but that is to be done through parents.

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