How can you inform Students and Parents about holidays with the help of ERP SchoolAura?

How can you inform Students and Parents about holidays with the help of ERP SchoolAura?

Schools have not been very actively open to all students like before. In the recent times, with the schools remaining closed for a long time, they have not been able to communicate with the students and parents. But once the schools started online education, they have been having various impromptu announcements which needs to be made. Be it holidays or, exam schedules, home assignments or just the commence of daily classes after an exam, most of the orders need to be issues in the website.

The schools will always need a free school ERP so that they are able to send notifications and information to the students. Along with this, they will give away all kinds of announcements and attendance along with other information. This app helps in co-ordination among the huge number of students. SchoolAura is able to help the schools using their apps in broadcasting messages and providing the daily classroom and homework issues.

Assignment Broadcast

SchoolAura has provided the best school ERP software which records the daily school. They have all been done in the classwork and also that which has been assigned for homework. The syllabus for the entire session also takes its place in the app separately for all the different classes. Starting from the class assignments for every subject to the homework.

This app saves the different things which the teachers teach. This keeps the parents at par and they know what is being taught. When they later on prepare the children for exams, they know where to go for help. Initially the syllabus for each class used to be paper printed and we would have them distributed. But now since the schools have a website, they have severely stressed on paperless transaction. All the important study matters and curriculum available on print media. This saves a huge amount of money and also helps in saving those in the memory. Only India's best school ERP has the ability to produce all this for all the classes. They have it saved in the memory for the students to get access anytime.

Attendance Issues and Holidays

This application also keeps a track of the holidays that the students have availed. There is an attendance section which gets filled regularly. This is for the parents to have a look that the children are regular in their studies and classes. This is not only there for online classes but will also reflect as the offline classes continue. The parents will have a detailed picture of whether or not the children are attending classes. Since this is a top school software in India, we are also able to provide attendance on basis of classes. Also, this application helps in conveying if the school has decided to come up with a sudden holiday. A full holiday list is at first given in the website for the parents to take note when the schools will be closed. It gives a clear picture of how the school has planned to work in the entire academic year. Sudden decisions are also put up in the application. They come in with alarms so that the parents get a reminder. This way, they are always informed about the whereabouts and decisions of the school.

Providing Report Cards

Report Cards were earlier given in paper with the marks written on them. But now with this top school management software in India the parents can have access to the reports. This way they will be able to track the progress of the children. They will be able to understand where the child is facing problems. The teacher provides her insights and inputs in the report which helps the parent to unfurl the areas of activity for the child.

This way the parents are very well informed about what the child is grasping well and where are the challenges that they are facing. It becomes easy for the parents to put more emphasis on the subjects that need care. This is a lot more helpful than giving away paper reports as the parents are at par with the advancement of the child in the class.

Complaint Section

This is a segment that we pray does not get used much as that reflects the complaint section of the child. If the child does something serious at school which might be counted as a nuisance, that portion is used. This is where the teacher informs the parents separately without the child being involved.

This is not used every time and is for the teacher and parent communication. It can be used the other way round as well when the parents have to report an issue. If they lodge their complaint in the portal, it reaches the school authorities directly. This way they are able to take prompt action and solve the issue at the earliest.


Q. Is the application able to save the different kinds for some time?

A. Yes. SchoolAura will save the class assignments with proper dates and all other details unless the teachers decide to remove it. So, if you want to track the old details, you can quickly get hold of the details and proceed with the rest.

Q. Will SchoolAura be able to show if there are any complaints raised about my child?

A. Yes. There is a separate section which is dedicated only for complaints. If there is an issue regarding a child, instead of making that public. It will be published in that specific child’s complaint box where only the teacher and the parent will be able to see it.

Q. What is the preferable time to access the application from home?

A. SchoolAura will be available for the parents to access anytime and from anywhere. The parents don’t have to abide by time limits. They can access and look into their child’s issues whenever they want to. It is up to the teachers now, on how long they will be available to answer them.