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Make Easy School Management With Us:-
Very difficult to manage School Management manually or on paper. So We come for solving your all problems related to your school management.
The disadvantage of Manually or Paperwork in School Management:-
1) Lack Of Storage:- After some time you have a lot of collection of the document in paperwork like Admission forms, Fee receipt and so kind of document.
SOLUTION:- We save your all records on the cloud. No collection of paper and save the environment and upgrade your school management and interact with technology and make easy your school activity.

2) Security Issue:- Paper documents can be lost, damage, and misplaced your document.
SOLUTION:- We save your all records digitally and get back up 2 times a day. You can find your result with a single click from anywhere any time

3) Prone To Damage:- Important documents can be damage, burst, or lost so there is a big problem with manual or paperwork.
SOLUTION:- When your all record saved digitally. you have not any tension and you can do more planning for your school and provide the best facility to your students.

4) Document Sharing:- If you want to share document with Parent's or staff on that case their presence is required.
SOLUTION:- We are providing sharing the document and save your document on cloud and you can share with everyone and save your document.

5) Editing Problem:- Here you can edit anyrecord time expect transaction like Fee Submit Amount or something like this.
SOLUTION:- If you add wrong details of staff or student then you can edit easily and update on cloud.

6) High Costs:- Need maintain Register, Files, and lot of thing every year and all material waste in next year.
SOLUTION:- We are providing you everthing on cloud. Attendance, Home Work, Class Work, Admision Form, or all things.

7) Limit Communication & Collaboration:- If you want any announcement or any private message sent to parent's or student there is lot of problem in physically presence due to busy schedule of parent's and staff.
SOLUTION:- We are providing digital solution in single click you can send text message or notification to parent's or student. They can check on there login. It's Fast and easy method to inform all parent's or Staff.

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