Why We Manage Online Fees and Generate Fees Receipt and Manage Online Fees History Details

Why We Manage Online Fees and Generate Fees Receipt and Manage Online Fees History Details

Dealing with a child studying in school might not be easy. It is quite challenging to deal with the school's issues like Fee Management, Progress Reports, Attendance, Transportation and etc. Some parents are not able to visit the school due to their work pressure. Thus, the parents should take care of the finances and fees structure of the school online and Pay Online Fees and Get Receipts in their Email. The children are not be able to convey various issues to parents that need attention on time. So it is advisable they log in to the school website and then look into the details of the school fees by themselves.

The school must install the BestSchool ERP Software on their website to make the process easy for everyone. They need to ensure that the entire process is easy and does not need much technical knowledge. The school needs a new system to let parents know how the children are performing at school. This will allow them to have a look into the various insights of the school. SchoolAura provides software that is one of the top School Software in India. It helps in getting various issues sorted in a jiffy. We assure you that the software is safe.

It does not allow transactions if it determines any suspicious activities. Benefits of using online software for Online fee management has made it very convenient to look into the school's advancements from a single dashboard. There are many benefits that online fees management have, some of which are as follows:

  • Parents check fee structure and go through detailed amount details from their houses. They Do not have to worry about missing the deadline for the payment of fees.

  • The parents will be able to pay for the fees while they are at their work. They might be near their laptop or PC, and can pay from there. If they are travelling, they can also make provisions to pay from their mobile and after paying to school just inform them about their transaction they will generate online fees receipt and share on mail or WhatsApp.

  • Parents will be able to pay online in the most secure way like they make other payments. Parents must know this to get away from fraudulent transactions and they have proof of transaction. This way they are tension-free about payment and inconvenient transactions.

  • The parents will be able to look into the different reasons why they will have to pay. If, apart from the tuition fee in the school, a child takes part in some extra-curricular activity. The school will notify the parents in such cases to pay there instead of any extra hassle from the student.

  • Maintaining a free school ERP will enlist the school to the advanced list that caters to other needs of the educational system.

How does this software help the school authorities?

This software provides an in-depth picture of the income and expenditure of the school. In addition to the dates of the last payment times, it gives access to the school to check if there are any outstanding amounts. These save a lot of their labour and they are able to check everything under one roof. It helps the parents to have paperless invoices which can be shared on parents WhatsApp or Email and all Receipts saved in the cloud database. This software is quite safe and does not require any personal information to be blurted out. Parents no need to install any software on their laptops, house PCs, just open the https://schoolaura.com and login with their login detail for example Mobile Number and Password and school will manage on https://erp.schoolaura.com or their school website, for example, http://schoolname.in and download the apps in their mobile phones from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schoolaura.

Why is this software worth using?

SchoolAura is a fantastic brand that assures it will provide the best working software for fees management and other manual processes that will be dynamic and online. They are so sure about the service they provide through this software that they can compete to become India's best school ERP. They have been able to help the schools track fraudulent transactions. They have also been beneficial to the parents. The parents have been able to conduct swift payments. The software checks the amount and calculates the fees, and provides a paperless invoice. This transaction gets saved in the computer's memory bereft any paperwork. Sometimes, students enroll in extra classes, so the software does the fee calculation for these classes. This beneficial software does the calculation itself saving the time of the parents amidst their busy schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we ensure the smooth running of this software with so many parents accessing it every day?
A. We have a dedicated team that is available at all times, which will ensure the smooth running of this website. The software copes up with massive traffic and seldom has a problem. Since it deals with sensitive issues like money, we ensure that a group of efficient engineers give their best performance.

Q. Is there a way in which the parents can see an advance payment that they made?
A. Yes. This software by SchoolAura, which is at the top school management software in India, shows the parents when they have made extra payments. It enables the parents to save that in the school's wallet to carry forward that amount in the fees for the next month. It allows the school authorities to track the defaulter's list from the software. It also provides gentle reminders to the parents if the fee payment has slipped out of their minds. The software uses Emails and SMS services for this.

Q. Will you be able to demonstrate your app to the new users and look after the issues they have?
A. Yes. We will provide all kinds of assistance for the running of the software. Since this is very easy, it
will not require much help. However, if some people still need help, we are just a call away.