Get Own School Management Software with App within 1hour

Get Own School Management Software with App within 1hour

School Management software is uniquely designed to streamline the operating processes in order to ease the complexity to facilitate school management activities.

1) Access and Monitor from anywhere
We have access compatibility with our school management software for an authorized person to access by computer, laptop, Tab, and Mobile from anywhere and anytime. User enables to access and monitor records and activity of school at any time when user is not in office or school which increase employee’s efficiency and productivity. Paper documents are not easy to find when you have large amounts of papers and the information is not accessible when needed on priority. School Management software make access faster and easier on your mobile phone, tab or laptop.

2) Calculate Collected Fees: - By Day, Monthly, Yearly
School Aura’s School Management Software has the efficiency to collect fees on the selective modes as preferable by the user, which ultimately provide proper notifications to customer about their dues. User can filter the data as per time period as required. And Monitor Collected Fees by Staff or Any other management.

3) Print of Collected Fees
Fees collection & receipt printing is important department of a school, college or institute. School Management software provides paperless data system which leads to collect fees and release receipt Note in real time basis. The unique way of tracking system is enabled with dues notifications respective to multiple operation within the institution.

4) Remove Paper Works
Paper documents gets easily misplaced, damaged or even lost. School Management software have extensive and efficient information flow. Remove paperwork will increase productivity and reduce work costs It implies the accuracy and reduced delivery times.
Removimg paperwork can reduce significantly stationery expenses. School Management software use cloud storage technology which can maximize work space and save money. We make it easy to improve data quality and increase efficiency for data storage and delivery.

5) Safe and Secure
Our School Management software combines the Standardized safety procedures with disciplines of real-time performance monitoring to ensure proactive and productive functionalities. We use servers with reputed clients and store the data in encrypted form which makes the data secure.
Information become vulnerable when data printed and it is unnecessarily disclosed and lost. Any accident or burglary can destroy paper-based records available to anyone. School Management software is a backup for paper records. Soft documents are more secure than paper documents and store vast amounts of information in a less space.