Organisations permit taking time off from work for legitimate reasons under the terms of leave. It may or may not be permitted for a casual reason or in exceptional circumstances. Leave is not a right that can be taken for granted. Thus, leave regulations and standards have been broken down into many categories. An exhausting task is coordinating all of the teachers and staff's annual leaves. It is, thus, necessary to have efficient leave management systems in order to make the procedure easier.

The SchoolAura's leave management module streamlines the process of managing an organization's leaves . All sorts of leave can be set up with this programme. It includes paid leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, casual leave, and medical leave, to name just a few options. Besides this, the software enables an employee to track their leave, daily attendance records. It also helps him in applying for time off, among other things.

Benefits of SchoolAura’s leave management software:-

  1. Teachers can request leaves online.
  2. There is no need for paperwork for writing applications and approving them.
  3. There are many types of leaves that can be requested.
  4. Students can be informed about the absence of a teacher beforehand.
  5. The leaves of other employees and students can also be tracked easily.