SchoolAura presents a centralized automated platform for school administration, students, tutors, and parents. All which have significant advantages. It is a cost-effective alternative for the administration of campuses and educational institutions. The use of the most up-to-date communication tools makes it easy to use. It makes it easy for everyone to communicate with one another. The cloud-based learning management system ensures the security. This ensures the safety of the information it contains. Advanced features create the groundwork for new-age learning techniques . They have the potential to improve a company's brand reputation.

With the SchoolAura student information management system, we provide the following benefits:-

1. A simple approach for students and parents. They gain real-time access to the most precise and up-to-date information available.

2. Parents can contact instructors at any time through the software's interface. Thus, interaction between the students and teachers improved.

3. Online submission of homework, projects, and projects is a simple and convenient option. Teachers can track responses if necessary

4.Students can receive information about the school calendar, announcements and news.

5. On SchoolAura, it is simple to get information on attendance. Information is present for timetable and examination schedule. Teachers can make a book catalogue too.

6. Students are free to write papers and express their opinions. Students can also engage in discussion forums. They will be able to express themselves on this platform in their own words.

7. Students have the opportunity to interact with alumni. Students can receive better help.


  1. Yes, the parents will be given a monthly report.
  2. Yes, they can get their works published at the platform in the creative section corner.
  3. Yes, the teachers can send messages to the parents through this software.
  4. Yes, the students will be sent a notification in case of any change.
  5. Yes, the software offers a school alumni corner too.

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