How does the Exam management function work?

Exams are approaching, and as the teacher, you try to make sure everything runs smoothly and effectively. That is why you need an exam management system that will streamline the whole process.

An exam management system automates and simplifies processes for you.

This article will guide you in understanding all the importance of the examination management system in any educational school. Before anything else, let’s understand what exam management is?

What is the Examination Management System?

An exam management system is a module from our School ERP software that manages all processes involved in the execution of the exam. An exam management system will help teachers to plan exams in an effective and efficient manner. Starting with the planning phase, an exam management system manages everything!

Why is an Exam management system necessary?

Saving money

One of the key features of any management software will be its cost-effectiveness. Exam management systems also help you save considerable time. The paperwork involved in the processes can be reduced significantly.

Reduces workload

School administrators or teachers have to put in a lot of effort to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination. An exam planner is a relief for you as it helps you to plan the exam in a proper manner. As a result, you can rely on its features to organize, schedule and administer exams.

Help in better planning

You can usefully plan the entire academic year with the help of exam management software. This way, students will know what to expect throughout the year. Since you will have the schedule prepared in advance, you can plan other strategies to improve learning outcomes. Curriculum modifications and remedial programs for weaker students are part of them.

Make the process flawless

It is human to make mistakes, but with the help of the exam management system, there is no room for any loophole. You can plan the exam in the most systematic way and if you need to change the exam dates, pattern and schedule, you can edit and make changes.

How can ERP SchoolAura help you?

You should now have a better understanding of why an exam management system is necessary for the efficient running of the school. Choosing the best platform to meet all of your school’s needs is the next important step. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to ERP SchoolAura ’s exam management system. It has a variety of features to help you with your tasks. Let’s find out how School Aura can help you manage exams.

Simplify the process

The ERP SchoolAura platform has been carefully designed to meet the needs of each of you. The primary purpose of our system is to make the process of exam management make easiest for you. Here you have several options available for structuring and scheduling exams. You have the provision to customize each stage of the process to plan your way.

Structure the process

You can prepare exam patterns more easily with the help of our platform. Here, you can change the type of exam, maximum marks, subject and much more. In addition, you can include any study breaks or holidays. With the help of this feature, students can easily determine how many days are left in their exam so that they can better organize their study schedule and be well prepared for their exam.

Schedule exams in advance

ERP SchoolAura's exam planner helps you schedule exams in advance to avoid confusion. Once dates are set, teachers or administrators can add new dates and make revisions as needed. It guarantees flexibility in the examination schedule.

Facilitates report card creation

This is one of the most favourite features of ERP SchoolAura's exam planner because it will relieve teachers like you from the most cumbersome task, namely report card creation. Through our platform, you can fill up scores and create report cards in minutes. You can then easily download the cards of each student or all students in one click.

Can easily make changes

With the help of the edit option, you can easily adjust the exam dates as well as subject, total marks and exam type. If you enter the report card incorrectly, you can still change the points instantly by selecting the correct option on the platform.

Type of Exam with ERP SchoolAura

Our SchoolAura conducts two type of exams with ERP software

Online Exam Management by ERP SchoolAura

The online exam system is a tool in schoolAura ERP software that allows schools to conduct online MCQ exams, grade them and send results.

This tool comes with many features that make conducting online exams an easier, faster and more efficient task. The online exam works with other school ERP software modules allowing school administration and teachers to manage the exam with relative ease.

For example, in every online class, homework questions that teachers assign to students are stored in a question bank. Teachers can use the same question bank to create exam papers for students at the end of each semester.

This way, teachers do not have to spend a lot of time preparing question papers for each exam. They can simply select questions from the question bank and add them to the question paper. In addition, the online exam feature automatically grades objective questions with fed answer keys. Online exam systems essentially reduce the significant amount of work required to organise an exam.

Offline Exam Management by ERP SchoolAura

Even though there is no internet connection, people can sit their exams on a computer using the same tools they use in their work environment, so being able to type rather than write with a pen.

Some may assume that an offline exam means that assessment is done by pen and paper only. And it's not wrong at all. However, offline exams do not have to be solely paper-based. They can still be done in a computer lab, for example, where there is no Internet access, but a local network is available.

Offline exam means an exam that can be administered either paper-based or offline using an exam software system with the exam run within an exam facility with only locally connected computers, after the examination school can manage their marks and generate a marksheet on the school portal. Then students can easily check their marksheet on the portal.


An examination management system is important for the smooth running of any educational institution. It organizes for students and teachers throughout the academic year. Since the whole process is streamlined, teachers and students can be well prepared for the year. They can plan their academic and learning activities in an efficient manner to improve learning outcomes. Therefore, you can use the best exam management software offered by School Aura to make your school more structured and systematic way.