Benefits of SchoolAura

Benefits of SchoolAura

What else you want when you get all the things managed on a single click!!!


While every single detail will be available regarding the students, teachers will be able to work on the individual’s performance. At the same time parents will have access to see the daily assignments and assessment records that help them to improve their wards performance.


In today’s time parents usually do not have enough time to go and physically attend the meetings with the respective teachers. While on SchoolAura the parents will be having every detail regarding the events, academics, fees, transport etc. Also for the administration it will be easy to make any kind of announcements, providing circulars and urgent notices. The installation is easy, flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of large campuses through to medium and small ones.


When every detail will be available online on SchoolAura ERP software the improvement will be their in school’s overall performance. The efficient monitoring of the day to day progress and students performance by the parents helps to boost and improve performance.

Technological Integration

Adapting the use of modern technologies students, parents and school management will be able to connect digitally. Along with the academics students will get the idea of the technology advancements happening in the modern world.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitoring on every individual will be easy as the performance of individuals will be available online. Teachers and parents will be able to keep an eye on the students, while the higher management staff can easily track the records of the employees in the school.

Paperless Administration

Earlier it was a tedious task to manage all the things on paper. It was quite difficult to keep the records stored for long time. While on the SchoolAura software the large amount of data can be stored online for years. The data management tools help to structure and arrange the data as per the requirement. It requires a very less amount of time when compared to managing things manually.

Information Accessibility

For the effective functioning of school, the administration sometimes needs to announce the notice on an urgent basis. In such a case, if they will provide the information online, anyone sitting in any corner of the world will be able to access it. For students the notes of all the subjects can be provided online or If the fees due on any particular date the parents get notified easily. This improves the accessibility to a larger extent.