How does the fees management function work?

Fee collection and management are an important tasks for all the schools. In the earlier time, school offices staff used to collect the fees manually from the students and parents and providing receipts to the students after fee submission. It was slow and hectic process work for the administrators to collect and manage fees. But in today’s time, schools started implementing cloud and mobile-based ERP school management software that made the process smoother and much easier.

A fee management software is a task management system that is self operating fee collection and receipt generation. It also operates entries into the school accounts that help in the reducing errors and removing duplicate data entries. The school management system software that includes the fee management and accounts management software that can assist the school authorities in automating and performing various finance-related tasks. Such tasks include as fee structure, fee collection, fees history etc. Using this software, you can easily track fee payments and other financial records. The system deals with Fee and its structure for various classes and gives them all the necessary details such as the calculated fees, due fees amount, extra fine charges etc.

Features of Fee Management Software

Simple Registration Process

To register on the ERP SchoolAura for fee management, students just have to enter their email ID or mobile number and password. If you have implemented ERP SchoolAura, the best ERP software, you can transfer all the data related to fees directly to the cloud.

Fee structure

Student fee management software enables the administrative department to automatically set up different categories of students considering fee name, fee amount, total classes selection, monthly wise and submission details and so on.

Multiple methods of fee payment

Designed and developed with the latest framework, the fee management system offers multiple methods of fee payment such as - debit card, credit card, paytm, google pay, net banking, etc.

AI-powered analytics dashboard

The fee management system enables administrative faculty and upper management officials to monitor real-time data on daily fee transactions and prepare fee management MIS reports.

Fee notifications and e-receipts

Online fee payment software automatically sends pending fee-related reminders and notifications to parents every month or at predetermined times. In addition, the Fees software generates an e-receipt after each successful transaction and sends it to their registered email ID or mobile.

Online fee management software

ERP SchoolAura fee management software is a 100% safe and secure platform for delivering online fee management and other fee-related tasks.

ERP SchoolAura is the best fee management software solution in the market today and has many features that make it convenient for use among all the various staff members of the school.

Some benefits are given below -

Saves Time

The best part about using software in place of direct human involvement is that the process naturally becomes automated. The main advantage is that the operation time is significantly reduced. Fee management is a difficult task involving a lot of changes.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of the fee management function is cost effective. It saves your precious time and focuses on your valuable task in your school. Parents don't need to visit the school and wait for fee submission. They can easily pay fees by the ERP SchoolAura software without going anywhere. After payment they can share updates via App.School can notify all parents in a single click based on due status of fees. And it makes fee payment easier for the school and parents.

Manage Students Fees Discount

Different fee categories are available for students based on gender, caste and EWS category students. We provide a discount for different categories of students. Keeping track of each category, assigning different fee structures to the students belonging to those categories and maintaining the record of each student becomes many times easier due to the fee management software solution.

Regular Notifications Reminders

Sometimes parents may get distracted with their daily activities and forget to pay their children’s fees. This is where ERP SchoolAura can help. Fee management software has a simple solution for this, is to send reminders. Reminders will be sent on a fixed date and time at the discretion of the school management to ensure timely payment of fees.

Tracking record of each fee payment

The system will track each student's record. Whether the payment is due or the advancement payment is done. It tracks of each payment record and parents or school admin can see any time.

Manage Fee Reports

A fee report or fee receipt is a document that represents a successful transaction of money made by the student to the school as part of their fees. The fee report is an important document for many parents because they can receive reimbursement on it, so it is important that it looks official and is easily accessible to the school that issued it.

Fee management software is a complex process involving a lot of changes and managing all of them can be quite a labor-intensive process. ERP SchoolAura helps schools to do such complex micro tasks and makes them easily digestible and helps coordinate activities effectively.